Data Migration -$80

Data Migration is the process of transferring of data between two computers.This process normally takes around 24 hours. We normally recommend that you have a formatted external hard drive to keep you with some technology during this process , but to also have the added stability of having your files backed up.

Personal Training/ House Calls- $80 for the first hour/$40 for every hour after ( in the same session)

Personal Trainings are the Pride and Joy of Mobile Mentors. We seek to have all of our customers feel at ease with their technology. What better way to do that than in the comfort of your own home or favorite coffee shop ? 

Workshops- $40 at Arrival $20 per person (Up to 6 MAX)

Workshops have been by far our customers favorite. Our Workshops are great for a group of friends that want to have fun while learning about their technology or even businesses that want to bring their employees up to speed. Workshops usually last about an hour in a presentation style over a selected topic , but leaving enough time for questions.


online training- coming soon



Pick-up/ Drop-off- $50

Pick-Up / Drop-Off service allows us at Mobile Mentors to give our customers time. Time to spend with family, not fighting traffic, not making appointments, and for some not even leaving work.

Phone Consultations- $15 (10 minutes)

Phone Consultations are perfect for quick fixes, answering a few questions that you seem to be stuck on, or handling a few problems that don't require an in person consultation.

 labor- Price Varies based upon Job

When accomplishing certain repairs labor prices tend to vary, but before any work is done a quote is presented to the customer.

Website Design - $500 (domain and membership not included)

Websites are taking over our digital world allowing information about your upcoming business, blog, or favorite hobby. Allow me to create a custom website for you that enables your customers the ability to truly experience all that you have to offer.  For domain, maintenance , and member ship inquires drop me a line at your earliest convenience. 

My experience with Mobile Mentors far exceeds any experience I’ve ever had at any computer store , I don’t have time to make appointments at the Apple Store, but I still need my gear fixed

Thanks Mobile Mentors

— John Dempsey, SouthEastern Family Homes